Alex "Jay" Balan

Alex "Jay" Balan
Alex "Jay" Balan is the Chief Security Researcher and Spokesperson for Bitdefender. His career is focused on Information Security, Innovation and Product Strategy, fields in which he has so far accumulated over 15 years of experience. He is now furthering security and privacy research and has been actively involved in creating awareness by speaking at a number of conferences including DefCon, RSA, BSides, ISC China, Interpol's meetings on Cyber Crime for Heads of Units, DefCamp, IMWorld, Future of Media and many others.

Talk / Workshop

Exploiting Cloud Synchronisation to Mass Hack IoTs

It's already a well known fact that IoT is currently a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to producing security papers. You can blindly walk into a store, buy a device at random and in 2 weeks you'll be exchanging emails with the manufacturer to plug their holes. Most hacks against smart devices require either proximity or some other form of direct access (port forwarding/UPnP). That being said, what if devices could be hacked up to full remote code execution and root access without direct access and from the other side of the world? And what if the number of devices susceptible to this attack could be large enough to be the next big IoT botnet?

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