November 22 - 23
Annapurna Hotel, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal

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This session features talks/presentations from seasoned security professionals which will be mostly technical with focus on novel developments and research in the field of security while we will also have a couple of non-technical talks which will provide overview on the managerial perspective of security. The talks/presentations shall be submitted via our CFP and evaluated subsequently by our review panel consisting of distinguished professionals who ensure that they are of best quality.

We already have a few speakers selected for the talks who have been actively involved in the industry and have presented their research on conferences like Black Hat, DEF CON and many more.
Learn more about our speakers here.


This session consists of numerous technical workshops/trainings where experts in specific fields of security will offer hands-on-learning opportunities to the attendees. The workshops/trainings will have a diverse lineup of technical courses on defensive, offensive and administrative aspects of cybersecurity.


In arsenal, security researchers and developers will showcase their new and innovative open-source security tools in front of a huge gathering of fellow researchers, experts and enthusiasts.

It gives the researchers a unique opportunity to gauge the practicality of the tools from the perspective of the intended users and discover any shortcomings and required upgrades. It also provides the audiences with a learning opportunity where they can gain insights from security researchers and their interesting implementations of novel concepts.

Capture The Flag (CTF)

The CTF session will consist of numerous challenges that require knowledge of various hacking techniques such as web application hacking, networks hacking, reverse engineering, cryptography, etc. to solve. The challenges are based on various aspects of computer security and require participants to apply these knowledge to search for flags in the given challenges. Finding a flag will earn the participants certain points. At the end of the event, the participants with the most points will be aptly rewarded as the winner.

We are hosting two different types of CTF. One is a regular type of CTF which is being conducted by an experienced team who also conducted CTF at NULLCON 2018, called braindead CTF. While the other is being conducted by Tracelabs which is very different from regular CTFs. The CTF deals with real missing persons and therefore real flags. In this CTF, the participants use OSINT to collect information regarding missing persons and then submit the collected data to law enforcement agencies that are looking after the case. This goes beyond just CTF challenges and has significant real world applications by helping find missing persons.

These CTFs provide an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate and test their hacking skills.

Live Bug Bounty

In live bug bounty sessions, participants will be provided live targets of various companies where they search for bugs and vulnerabilities, similar to bug bounties hosted by various organisations, where hackers get rewarded for any valid bugs they report. In contrast to such programs, everything happens on the spot in this event. The reported bugs will be evaluated immediately, triaged and rewarded accordingly.

Companies interested in being a part of this session can send us an email at [email protected].

Chill Out Area

This is an informal section where the attendees can hang out and talk to each other while grabbing a beer. This area will also have a selection of vintage computer games for the attendees to play and have a good time. It is intended to be a place where the attendees can have fun and network with each other.

Exclusive After Event Dinner

An exclusive cocktail dinner will be held at the end of the event where corporate attendees, speakers, sponsors and organisers will enjoy a relaxing evening together and toast to the successful conclusion of the event.



Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg
Kathmandu, Nepal



Workshops - November 22
Conference - November 23

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