Prateek Tiwari

Prateek Tiwari

Prateek Tiwari is hacker by passion, fell in love with information security. He leads the Security efforts at Zomato. Security consultant, occasional Bug Bounty hunter, enjoys breaking websites / apps for fun and profit. Actively engaged with Bug Bounty hunters and helps them to learn and earn.

Talk / Workshop

Bug Bounty Workshop

Bug Bounty is a reward offered to individuals who identify and report bugs or security vulnerabilities in a computer program/system or software. The reward could be in any form- from goodies to hard cash or just acknowledgement.
The workshop is intended for anyone who has interest in Information Security, or likes breaking code or who wants to make money ethically, by responsibly disclosing security issues to companies.
Topics will include:

  • Live demonstration of using "Burp Suite"
  • How to select a target and deep dive into it
  • Using Burp Suite to make life easier while Hunting
  • Shooting in Dark? Importance of understanding the application flow before looking for vulnerabilities
  • How to submit better bug reports & build strong relationship with Triage/Security Team = Nice Bounties
  • Keeping yourself up-to-date and using that knowledge to find bugs = Profit | Profit
  • Important tools in Bug Bounties
  • Wrapping up, summarizing above topics

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