Rohit Tamma

Rohit Tamma
Rohit Tamma is an author & security professional with 9 years of experience in information security field and is currently working as a Program Manager and AppSec SME with Microsoft. His background spans multiple roles in the areas of application and cloud security, mobile security, mobile forensics and security training. Rohit has co-authored couple of books on mobile forensics - "Practical Mobile Forensics" and "Learning Android Forensics", which explain various techniques on how to perform forensics on the mobile platforms.

Talk / Workshop

How To Effectively Manage Your Org's Cloud Security Posture

"Cloud security" is complex for two reasons. Firstly, because it shattered the idea of "perimeter security" that gave organizations a sense of control over their assets. And secondly because of the plethora of domains it covers, ranging from identity to compute to databases to storage to web apps and so on. With over a decade of real time experience in offering these services, cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM cloud etc., have matured in terms of offering various security features and controls. But are they sufficient? What are some of the unique threats & challenges faced by cloud providers and their customers in solving the security issues? What can customers do to ensure their data is secure at any time in cloud? This presentation will explore these questions in detail along with relevant demos.
To give you a sneak peak, below are some of the scenarios we will cover:
1)Does moving to Cloud mean loss of control & confidentiality of data?
2) How can resources hosted in Cloud securely connect to resources hosted in on premise environment?
3) Top 5 security challenges in Cloud and how you can handle them?

** This talk is co-presented with Sukriti Sharma.

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